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Sugarloaf Provincial Park is located very close by and offers a wide variety of activities. From great ski slopes, to tennis courts and mountain biking trails, Sugarloaf is a garanteed good time!
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What to do?
Downtown Campbellton
© Downtown Campbellton Centre-Ville 2011
Our local Civic Center facility located across from the waterfront has 2 olympic size ice surfaces, 2 pools, a water slide, a gym, and raquet ball and squash courts. The facility is also equipped to host large conferences, birthday parties, hockey games and other community events.
Downtown Campbellton has recently invested in the beautification of its waterfront. The area provides a walking trail along Campbellton’s waterfront, kiosks where you can purchase souvenirs or have lunch, or even bring the kids to the water park during those hot summer days. Parking for RVs (free of charge) is conveniently located at Campbellton’s waterfront next to the kiosks, where a dumping station has recently been built.
Water Park
Entrance to the kiosks
Civic Center Slide
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Restigouche Sam
Dinner with a view!
Kid’s activities at the kiosks
View from the wharf
Restigouche Sam
Salmon Boulevard
Water front in the fall
Did you know? Campbellton has 51.20km of streets and 32km of sidewalks!